The Aims

The Society aims to enrich the community with the restoration and protection of buildings and assets of cultural and heritage importance, and aims to provide the advancement of education concerning the social, economic and architectural history and heritage of the buildings in the area.

The Society will give financial assistance, technical assistance or business advice or consultancy advice in order to provide training and employment opportunities for unemployed people in cases of financial or other charitable need through help either in setting up their own business or through help to existing businesses.

The Society will also provide and maintain amenities and recreational facilities for use by the wider public, provide a serviced space for where community groups may meet and carry out a variety of activities and the preservation of buildings which are of historic and architectural importance

The Vision

The overarching vision of the Chance Heritage Trust for the Chance Glassworks is to:

Regenerate Chance Glass Works to protect and celebrate its highly significant industrial heritage to act as a beacon of hope and create a new vibrant, urban community generating employment, training, learning and leisure opportunities for all.

1857 - Chance works.jpg

The Chance Brothers Glassworks site 1857

For more information on the name change and the conversion to a CBS, please click the button to download a printable flyer in Adobe PDF format:

The Future

This is a large and complex site so to move to make it more manageable the Trust is breaking it down into phases. Phase one will incorporate the most iconic part of the site, the 7 Storey Building, the adjacent engineering workshop and yard area.


This phase will include a mix of residential, enterprise and educational space.