Sir Sebastian Chance

Sebastian is the great-great-great nephew of the founder of Chance Brothers. He studied Fine Art, and Education in Stourbridge and Birmingham, going on to peruse a career in Art Education.

Now retired, Sebastian makes sculpture and prints in his studio in Somerset. He is a Trustee of ACE Arts (Art, Care, Education), a charity bases in Somerset.

Toby Chance

Toby is a great-great-great-nephew of the founder of Chance Brothers, Robert Lucas Chance, and a great-great-grandson of Sir James Timmins Chance who more than anyone was responsible for Chance Brothers' pre-eminence in lighthouse lens and equipment manufacture for over 100 years.

Toby is the author of Lighthouses: The Race to Illuminate the World (New Holland Publishers, 2008), a history of Chance Brothers' endeavours to standardise and modernise lighthouse lenses and the part the company played in the development of modern global maritime safety.

David Encill

David had a background in light engineering, before starting his own computer business. From there, he became a freelance journalist and an enthusiastic collector of art glass, which led him to take an interest in the domestic glassware of Chance Brothers. This resulted in two books and the start of a publishing company.

Currently, David has been researching the history of Chance Brothers that hopefully should culminate in a book in time for the Chance Bicentenary in 2024.

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