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This is a very large regeneration project covering over nine acres. We are seeking Development Partners relating to all aspects of the project, including construction and restoration, educational and community development. Whilst it is the intention of the project to support the local community, it is also an investment opportunity.

These are the particular areas we are seeking to work with organisations:

  • Development Partnerships (of the site)

  • Development Partnerships (of potential services and support e.g. educational)

  • Investment opportunities


Any interested organisations should contact Mark Davies on 0121 663 1053, 07710 022561 or via

The Trust is seeking the help of anyone who would like to volunteer to support our charitable aims. We are a young charity, there is just a small group of Trustees and particularly in these early days, we would appreciate any time people can offer us.

These are the particular areas we are seeking support:

  • New Trustees

  • Marketing and marketing support

  • Historic research

  • Community liaison

  • Bid writing & funding

  • Administration


Alternatively, if you have particular ideas of how you can make a contribution, we would be delighted to hear from you via our Contact Form.


Gift Aid is a very important aspect for any Charity and by registering it enables us to claim back 25% (25p in the £) of your donation.

If we could trouble you to fill in the form, this really helps us. Click here to download the form.



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