A Few Facts

Some interesting information about Chance Brothers that you may not be aware of.

Even the foundation of the company is in dispute: 1822 is quoted by the Smethwick Local Historical Society and even a blue plaque on the old School Building shows this date. However, one thing is certain – the company did not start producing glass until May 1824, which is the accepted date of the founding of the company for most historians.

Chance Brothers was quite late entering into lighthouse manufacture. In 1851, it exhibited its first major optic: a 1st Order lens that was first seen by the public at the Great Exhibition. The image shows Queen Victoria (in the middle; pale-blue dress) with Prince Albert alongside.

By about 1870, Chance had reached its zenith and was employing upwards of 3,000 people.

1851 Lighthouse at Crystal Palace - web.
Chance Script Logo - tiny_edited.png

The famous Chance script logo is actually Sir Hugh's signature and wasn't introduced until 1946.