A New Name

As many of you know the Chance Glass Works Heritage Trust was set up with the intention of regenerating the Chance Glassworks. That aim has not changed and the Trust continues unwaveringly in its quest to bring the site back into use for the benefit of the local social and economic community.


However, one of the principal charitable objects of the Trust is to regenerate not only the Chance Glassworks but other heritage assets in Sandwell. To more effectively reflect that aim, the Trust Board of Trustees has decided to change its name to the Chance Heritage Trust. The Board are very keen to keep the Chance name given its importance to the area and the significant contribution Chance Brothers made to the local community.


Our website now changes to and our email address to Our phone number remains the same: 0121 663 1053

What is a Community Benefit Society (CBS)?

A CBS is a relatively new entity, brought about by the Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. A CBS is run mainly for the benefit of the community at large, rather than just its members. It must have an overall community purpose which reaches beyond just its membership.


Democratic decision-making is built into the structure of a CBS allowing YOU to have a say. The charitable CBS has all the tax benefits of a charity, but it can pay out interest on share capital, though not dividends on any surpluses.


The saving and restoration of the Chance glassworks was always about the community – and the community includes not only the past and present residents of Smethwick and the wider borough of Sandwell, but all the greater Chance family, of former employees and their descendants, fans of lighthouses around the globe, lovers of the Midlands and its industrial heritage, and glass aficionados worldwide.


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For more information on the name change and the conversion to a CBS, please click the button to download a printable flyer in Adobe PDF format: