A New Name – Same Vision

Our new website: we hope you like it

We’ve changed a lot since we were established in 2015 and we thought it was time to re-launch our website. It has a fabulous new look with more features and it is easier to navigate. Over the coming months we will be adding new content and making it far more interactive. We hope you like it.

The new website address is and our email address will change to

The phone number remains the same 0121 663 1053

Exciting News: Change of Name

We still love the glassworks and there is a huge amount of work going on in the background to move this amazing project forward.

However, many of you know the Chance Glass Works Heritage Trust was set up with the intention of regenerating the Chance Glassworks and other heritage assets in Sandwell.

While we were updating our website, to avoid confusion and more effectively reflect that aim, the Trustees have decided to change the Trust’s name to the Chance Heritage Trust.

The Trustees were very keen to keep the Chance name given its importance to the area and the significant contribution Chance Brothers made to the local community, which the new name continues to recognise and celebrate.

More Exciting News!

Conversion to a Community Benefit Society

The Chance Heritage Trust is also converting to a Charitable Community Benefit Society* (CBS). What does that mean we hear you ask? The Trust believe it is crucial for local people – and those further afield, to have the opportunity to be involved directly and have a voice in the future direction of the Trust. The important point is that a CBS is owned and run by its members on a basis of one member one vote which means there is complete equality for each shareholder whether large or small.

Changing to a CBS is a really exciting turning point in the Trust’s future and we will be announcing more news on this and details of how to become a shareholder over the coming months!

*More information on community benefit societies can be found here

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