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The glassworks of Chance Brothers is one of the most important industrial heritage sites in the country. We want to save the site for the nation, creating a vibrant environment for business and the local community. A place where people can work, live and play! If you want to work with us or contribute in some way we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us at


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Chance Heritage Trust Limited is a charitable Community Benefit Society registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 with registered number 8180


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CHANCE Glassworks, Spon Lane, Smethwick


The Chance Glassworks site is bordered by road, rail and water as shown opposite. The highly iconic and recognisable Seven-Storey building, built in 1847, is visible from all angles and represents a massive part of the history of the company. It is even visible to passing motorists on the M5.

All images courtesy Joe Holyoak

Project: Chance Glassworks Phase 1

Ground Floor to 2nd Floor

Whilst we have a vision for transforming the whole of the glassworks, our focus now is on what we are calling Phase 1. 

At the centre of Phase 1 is the Seven Storey Building, the most iconic part of the site, which everyone will recognise. The development will include the adjacent former Chance Engineering Workshop and the storage yard


The Seven Storey Building and which provide the bases of Phase 1 of the development – a blend of restoration of heritage buildings and new build.

Phase I will consist of 41 residential units, 906 sq.m. of educational space 1946 sq.m. of enterprise space, a Heritage Centre, a café and archiving facilities.

See 3rd to 6th Floor Plans (below)

3rd to 6th Floor Plans

Employment Space and Accommodation.