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  • Chance, James Frederick; A History of Chance Brothers & Co.; 1919; Spottiswoode, Ballantyne & Co. Ltd

  • Chance, Toby & Williams, Peter; Lighthouses: The Race to Illuminate the World; 2008; New Holland

  • Chance Brothers; Mirror for Chance; 1951; Chance Brothers

  • Encill, David P; Chance Expressions, The History of Domestic Glassware from Chance Brothers; 2006; Cortex Design

  • Encill, David P; Chance Additions, A Sequel to Chance Expressions; 2014; Cortex Design

  • Jackson, Brendan with Broadway, Geoff; Keepers of the Light: Portland Bill and Chance Brothers; 2020

  • Sadar, John Stanislav; Through the Healing Glass; 2017; Routledge

  • Sutton-Jones, Kenneth; Pharos: The Lighthouse Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow; 1985; Michael Russell Publishers

  • Talbot, Frederick A; Lightships & Lighthouses; 1913, William Heinemann

There are many others where Chance Brothers feature.

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